Thursday 25 August 2016
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Welcome to Dad’s The Boss

Elizabeth helping with my blog. Dad.

Elizabeth helping with my blog.

With great encouragement from my wife, and some significant procrastination from me for the first 14 months or so of our daughter’s life, I have created this daddy-blog as a way of collating my thoughts about being a first-time dad. I hope that it will also be a useful insight for any other dads in a similar situation, or for those contemplating or preparing for being a dad.

My daughter, Elizabeth, is delightful, challenging, intelligent, crazy and stubborn. She of the endless energy and random night-time sleeping and feeding patterns. Still, things would be boring without her. No, actually, they would be calm, relaxed and I would be in control.

Come back often and share the crazy journey with me. I also welcome and value your insights and thoughts, so leave those too. Feel free to also join my semi-regular newsletter.

This dad’s (not) the boss.


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